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Disney To Benefit From Marvel's Expansion Into Tv - Analyst Blog - Nasdaq.com

Starting with "Daredevil," which is scheduled to premiere at least after a year, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage will follow, with an expectation of enhancing Marvel's business. While last year Marvel reacquired Daredevil from Twentieth Century Fox, Jessica Jones was earlier scheduled to be an ABC series. Apart from these four series, the deal with Netflix also includes a miniseries TV event, primarily based on The Defenders to be streamed. Moreover, maintaining its trend in the film business, Marvel's TV shows will also work within the same universe. Hence, all the Netflix shows will have interconnections with Agents of SHIELD and The Avengers. Both Disney and Netflix are positive about this partnership, which in turn is dependent upon the audience response to these releases. Though Agents of SHIELD had to struggle its way, as per media reports, Daredevil is likely to be a hit in the world of television as relentless effort is being invested in its making, since it is to set the theme of the "Defenders" universe. We believe that Disney is likely to gain from this collaboration, given the popularity of both Marvel and Netflix's this one series. Also, we believe that Marvel's entry into the TV world is likely to augment Disney's subscribers, enhance its revenues, introduce new licensing opportunities for the company and drive its success.
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