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'avengers 2' Doesn't Need A Marketing Campaign - Forbes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Joss Whedons TheAvengers: Age of Ultronwill debut on May 1st, 2015. Thats about 9.5 months away. At this point in time, I can think of no more predetermined site internet blockbuster on the horizon. The firstAvengersbutchered the opening weekend record, earning $207 million in its debut weekend and eventually earning $623m in the US and $1.5 billion worldwide, standing tall as the biggest film ever made by someone other than James Cameron . Even if its possible thatAvengers 2wont be quite as big as the first film, there is little doubt that it will be the biggest film of the 2015 summer season and possibly the year depending on how wellStar Wars Episode VII (also Walt Disney) and LionsgatesThe Hunger Games : Mockingjay part IIperforms. With preordained success like that, what do you gain from spilling the beans this early? Everyone who is already the most excited for Avengers 2already knows it is coming and those who dont can be gently reminded sometime around next February, perhaps with a flash Super Bowl commercial. That the marketing department sees fit not just to release official promotional materials such as photos and whatever they have in store for next weeks San Diego Comic Con but also some rather detailed plot information seems frankly pointless.
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